Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Science of the College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast. We run the Mathematics and Science programmes by distance. This is a two-phase programme. The first phase is a three-year Diploma programme and the second phase a two-year Post-Diploma programme. A student can decide to work with the Diploma certificate, if one cannot continue immediately with the second phase. One can come back and pursue the two-year Post-Diploma programme to qualify for the award of B. Ed (Mathematics) or B. Ed (Science) degree upon successful completion.
Currently, we serve the needs of Mathematics and Science Education in order to help training graduates who can teach effectively at the Basic and Senior High School levels. We encourage prospective students to apply directly or through the mature entrance examinations (MEE) to join the family.
Our students are our main concern. To make them comfortable with their studies, our course facilitators have been trained to deliver effectively. They are client-oriented, highly qualified to make face-to-face sessions interesting. We also try to solve student problems promptly so that they can concentrate on their studies without much difficulty.  You can learn more about our Department below.
Thank you.

The Department of Mathematics and Science is one of the new departments of the College of Distance Education (CoDE), which came into existence on August 1, 2014. CoDE itself was established on the same date through the reorganization of academic Faculties and Schools into the Collegiate System.
The Department now has three cohorts of students, the Diploma in Mathematics and Science Education Level 100, Level 200 and Level 300 students. We should be graduating the first batch of the Diploma in Mathematics and Science Education in 2016. Unlike the other academic departments, with students at both the Diploma and Degree levels, as well as postgraduate students, our department can be considered the youngest and the smallest. Hence, we need to work harder to increase enrolment and make the study of science by the distance mode more effective and more meaningful.
However, it must be noted that the students pursuing the Diploma in Psychology and Foundations or Bachelor in Psychology and Foundation programmes have been using science modules over the years. Hence, the department also services the needs of other education students.


To become a pacesetter in the delivery of quality science programmes by distance mode in Ghana and beyond.


To pursue excellence in the delivery of innovative, demand-driven, customer-oriented, and cost-effective science programmes to our clientele throughout Ghana and beyond.


The University of Cape Coast thought it wise to bring education to the doorsteps of clients by pursuing distance education as another mode of providing tertiary education in Ghana. The introduction of mathematics and science programmes to the already existing business and education programmes is to ensure that courses that can easily be pursued by distance learning are made available for whoever is interested.
CoDE also is busy constructing study/learning centres across the length and breadth of Ghana. All these centres have science laboratories attached. This implies that we should be able to promote the study of mathematics and science by distance mode.
The Department of Mathematics and Science thus has the responsibility of advising CoDE and University Management on the type of equipment and resources required to promote effective learning of mathematics and science by distance mode. In light of this, we would need to do the following in addition to the provision of mathematics and science teaching-learning materials:

1. Hire lecturers and post them to each study/learning centre established in the regions. There should be at least one lecturer in mathematics and one for each science subject (Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry and Physics). These lecturers, in addition to teaching or facilitating science and mathematics courses, should be involved in the training of mathematics and science facilitators as well as monitoring the face-to-face sessions to ensure that our clients get value for their money.
2. All course coordinators and tutors will be trained to fit into the University of Cape Coast system of training students in the various programmes. This should enable Course Coordinators and Tutors to deliver effectively to produce the quality of graduates that the University of Coast wishes to release into the Ghanaian job market to compete effectively.
3. We also need to have training for Course Tutors to handle practical sessions properly to equip our graduates with the skills they need to able to function on the job.
4. We have to acquire a mobile laboratory that we can use to go round centres to conduct practical sessions and for training of Coordinators and Tutors to facilitate the learning of mathematics and science.
5. The Department shall collaborate with the Schools/Departments of the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences to write and edit modules and mount courses by distance, depending on the demand for these courses. We shall also collaborate with the Departments of Science and Mathematics Education, and Vocational and Technical Education to provide the right courses for those pursuing educational studies.
6. We shall mount the post-diploma programmes to enable those graduating with Diploma certificates to upgrade to the degree level.



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